CyberPhunk 2022 12: Patch 1.5!


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Johnny takes his first crack back into Night City after the big v1.5 patch (there's a lot, look it up). He then complains about having to redo his perk points. After that, he dives back into the Serious Side Effects mission at the Dew Drop Inn and he messes around with Photomode and keeps accidentally killing himself with grenades. Then after unloading some loot and messing around with perks, he attempts and repeatedly fails the Severance Package gig for Rihanna Kuma. Binge away on our 600+ evergreen episodes! All the music you hear on these podcasts is written, produced, and performed by Johnny Kielbasa. Follow Johnny on Twitter: @JohnnyKielbasa Check out our awesome videos on Instagram: johnnykielbasarocks

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