30 Days In The Hut 14: Let's Watch The Price Is Right!


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Johnny Kielbasa brings you along for some play-by-play and bidding analysis of today's The Price Is Right episode. Rachel and James are the models. Your contestants bid on a robot, sunglasses, a range, pink luggage, a go cart, and an exercise mirror. The showcases are highlighted by a trip to Tahiti and a couple cars. The contestants play Lucky Seven, Bullseye, Plinko, Bargain Game, Double Price, and--new this season--Back in '72!. Go back and binge our other 30 Podcasts In 30 Days runs from yesteryear! All the original music you hear is composed and performed by Johnny Kielbasa. There are also hours of free original funk to listen to at JohnnyKielbasa.com Follow Johnny on Twitter: @JohnnyKielbasa Check out our awesome videos on Instagram: johnnykielbasarocks

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