30 Podcasts In 30 Days 23: Fall In For Fallout 76 22: Stealth Boys or Your Life!


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Johnny gets a free icon and some free caps from the Atomic Shop before spawning outside of his C.A.M.P. trying to play the Happy Builder construct...unsuccessfully. After that rigamarole, Johnny finally spends some atoms in the Atomic Shop to buy some repair kits. Then he does some repairing and cooking at his C.A.M.P. Afterwards he continues the Hunter For Hire quest by heading to the Wayward Hotel to talk to Duchess and Mort. Then he goes to Anchor farm to get some info on the gang holed up at West Virginia Lumber Company. Then he heads to Tyler County Fairgrounds to fight Scorched and strong arm Leivowitz into giving him some Stealth Boys. All the original music you hear is composed and performed and improvised by Johnny Kielbasa. Binge away on our over 400 episodes! Follow Johnny on Twitter: @JohnnyKielbasa Check out our awesome videos on Instagram: johnnykielbasarocks

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