Fantasy Football Ferocity Week 13!


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After a despondent Week 12 Football Minute, Johnny and Mishy slipstream through the melange of NFL football games in week 13. This week's wagers: Johnny takes Chicago over Arizona for 3 large deep dish pizzas Mishy says Jared Goff outpoints Kirk Cousins for a dozen Steak Sandwiches Johnny takes Team Football over Raiders for tickets to Blue Man Group Mishy says Goff outpoints Heincke and Carr outpoints Goff for $1000 Johnny takes Pittsburgh over Baltimore for a roaster of sausage and peppers and dinner rolls Mishy's Defensive Touchdowns of the week: Arizone, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Jacksonville Binge unhinged on 30 Podcasts in 30 Days and/or our 500 episodes! All the original musical sweetness you hear is composed, produced, and performed by Johnny F. Kielbasa. While you're here, go to, search "funk", and enjoy all the free funk you can fit in a pudding bowl. Binge away on our over 500 episodes! Follow Johnny on Twitter: @JohnnyKielbasa Check out our awesome videos on Instagram: johnnykielbasarocks

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