Pudding Masters S2E3: By The Clock!


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Gerald Blancmange begins S2E3 of Pudding Masters contemplating which Marie Louise inspired the legendary trifle, Creme Marie Louise. Then Gerald offers apologies to Walter de la Mare as he interprets the seminal poem, "Napolean". Then Professor McGuire gives a reading from page 36 of Pride and Pudding: The History of British Pudding Savoury and Sweet by Regula Ysewjin regarding raspberry vinegar. Then Pip The Pudding Librarian convenes Pudding Points to profess the inner workings of Creme Marie Louise. Then Gerald tells a story of receiving a Brown and Polson's Corn Flour Blanc-Mange mould from Professor McGuire. And he proceeds to sample his first Blanc-Mange made from said mould. Delicious. Then Professor McGuire gives another installment of On The Court, where he delivers news on Ivy League basketball. And for the finale, the triumverate heads into the Limerick Corner, for reading of original limericks! Pip The Pudding Librarian's offering: Born of the Holy Roman Empire Her love took her to France, and then higher Sadly Napolean died Marie Louise then cried The Gateau Marie Louise, Spitfire! And Gerald Blancmange's: Napolean's second empresse, that tease She was so very easy to please He gave her a rifle She gave him a trifle And said, "Voici creme Marie Louise!" Go back and binge all of Pudding Masters season 1! All the silky grooves and original music you hear is written and performed by Gerald Blancmange. Pudding Masters is brought to you by Uncle Dave's Taint Cream and Aunt Clootie's Personal Pudding Place.

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