#114: Stop Working, Start Executing


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Today Allison talks about the last step in the The SCALEit Method®, Execution. Allison takes us through how a CEO can actually spend less time in the business and grow faster! Creating systems and workflows for you and your team will create success for your company

Topics Include:

  • What execution means in terms of the SCALEit Method®
  • The signs that a CEO is not executing efficiently
  • Vision problem vs. Execution problem
  • How proper execution will transform your business
  • Mindset vs Logistics
  • What is holding you back from executing
  • Execution mistakes Allison made
  • Execute your vision when you’re not there

Louie Ortiz a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Nationally Featured TV, and Media Personality, Public Speaker, Mentor, and Philanthropist.

Louie is CEO of the nationally recognized real estate company that has over $145 million dollars in personal sales and leads a dynamic growing team with offices in San Diego, CA, Newport Beach, CA, and Santa Fe / Albuquerque NM.

From 1990 to 2006, Louie Ortiz ran a manufacturing company of high-end custom acrylic aquariums for zoos, public aquariums, and consumer use worldwide.


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