Episode 10: Sleazy Stuff (The Movies of Frank Henenlotter)


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Appropriately enough for the episode with a roman numeral "X," the Scary Stuff podcast is going full schlock and sleaze for Episode 10! This time our spotlight falls on exploitation master Frank Henenlotter, and we review four works from his filmography: Basket Case (1982), Brain Damage (1988), Frankenhooker (1990) and Bad Biology (2008). Our opinions vary pretty significantly throughout this episode, so we hope you enjoy this discussion filled with some script-to-screen notes, some fascinating history on Henenlotter's NYC shooting locations, a lot of laughter and even more random yelling. And as always, thanks for listening!! TIMECODES: *Basket Case = 00:20:00 *Brain Damage = 01:17:19 *Frankenhooker = 02:10:29 *Bad Biology = 03:19:46

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