Ep. #84, The Future of Security Teams and Champions with Nick Vinson from Pearson


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A secure organization requires a large amount of buy-in from beyond those immediately concerned with security. This can prove a challenge at certain companies and facilitating a shared vision of priorities is something that security leads should know the importance of. Joining us on the show to talk about his role and team at Pearson, is DevSecOps Lead, Nick Vinson. Currently heading up the team of engineers focussing on security, Nick has been a driving force in getting the company up to speed on the security front for the last couple of years. We get to hear from Nick about his longer-term history in DevSecOps and how he landed in his present role. From there, we dive into the ins and outs of general security as well as aspects specific to Pearson. Nick shares his philosophy towards team involvement and embedding security-focussed members, as well as unpacking Pearson's approach to security champions and emphasizing the importance of this work. We talk about the primary goals for Nick and his team, the importance of adoption and investment in this area, and Nick's perspective on the most effective ways to achieve this. Our guest also illuminates some specific practices around tests, challenges, and expectations, and listeners can expect to come away with some great insider knowledge on running forward-facing security. For all this and a whole lot more from Nick and Guy, be sure to listen in!

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