Oil and Natural Gas Cyber Threats


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In this episode, we talk to cybersecurity leaders in the oil and natural gas industry. Experts from the ONG-ISAC (Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center) answer the following questions:

• What does the cyber threat landscape look like for the petroleum industry, and what are the potential impacts? • What are barriers to sharing threat intelligence and benefits of doing so? • How do you see cyber threats evolving in 2021 and beyond for the energy sector?

Also, details on Trend Micro's white paper on the vulnerabilities for the water and energy sectors.

Links from the show:

• ONG-ISAC: https://ongisac.org/

• Trend Micro whitepaper, "Exposed and Vulnerable Critical Infrastructure: Water and Energy Industries": https://documents.trendmicro.com/assets/white_papers/wp-exposed-and-vulnerable-critical-infrastructure-the-water-energy-industries.pdf

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