9. "A shanty is a template for a song" with Ian Bell


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Ian Bell is a brilliant singer and songwriter from Southwestern Ontario with a deep fascination and passion for the traditional music of the Great Lakes. We met up with him at the Port Dover Harbour Museum to sing some songs and chat about the history of Great Lakes maritime trade, the songs it gave rise to, and how all that music would have been lost to time were it not for the efforts of one man.
⚓︎ Shanties featured:
- Opening credits: Paddy Doyle's Boots, trad. arranged by Pressgang Mutiny
- Live song: Heaver Her Up and Bust Her, lyrics trad, tune and arrangement by Ian Bell
- Live song: Blow the Man Down (Port Dover version), tune trad, lyrics and arrangement by Ian Bell
- Live song: Jenny P. King, trad. arranged by Ian Bell
- Closing credits: It's Me for the Inland Lakes, trad. arranged by Ian Bell
⚓︎ Find out more about Ian Bell at ianbellmusic.ca and buy his music on Bandcamp
⚓︎ Visit the Port Dover Harbour Museum in Port Dover, ON or at portdovermuseum.ca/
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