291: Episode 291: Understanding NBA Top Shot with Jack Settleman


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The Sharp 600 podcast welcomes Jack Settleman of Snapback Sports to discuss the craze surrounding NBA Top Shot.
Jack and host Rob Cressy discuss:
-A breakdown of what NBA Top Shot is and its booming market
-Challenges and market concerns with how much money is being invested
-Upside of this largely untapped market
-Best way for beginners to enter market and what bankroll is needed
-The key things you need to know about NBA Top Shot before investing
-Tips on what to buy and when to sell
-How influencers can impact the market like we saw with GameStop
-Future of Top Shot and if these digital moments will extend to other sports

You can find Jack Settleman on Twitter @jacksettleman. Connect with Rob Cressy @robcressy on Twitter and send in your feedback, best bets and bad beats.
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