279: Episode 279: Week 13 NFL Betting with Chris Andrews


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The Sharp 600 podcast welcomes the South Point sports book director Chris Andrews to chat about NFL Week 13 NFL betting.
Chris and host Rob Cressy discuss:
- Reminding us of the 80/20 rule.
- Review of Week 12 picks, with stats from Covers' Jason Logan (@coversjlo).
- Breakdowns of Week 13's parlay and picks.
- Effect of the Week 12 Wednesday game on Pittsburgh going forward.
- The advantage/disadvantage of placing bets early in a week in 2020.
- How Chris approached setting the revised New Orleans-Denver line.
- What teams Chris has the toughest time setting weekly lines for.
- Are the Buccaneers a legitimate Super Bowl contender?
- Handicapping Cardinals vs. Rams.

You can find Chris Andrews on Twitter @andrewssports. Connect with Rob Cressy @robcressy on Twitter and send in your feedback, best bets and bad beats.
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