95 | People Say COLLEGE IS A SCAM?, CP3 = Stockton?, Giannis NEEDS A CO-STAR


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It's EPISODE 95! I discuss cringing at people and more NBA playoffs!! I had no idea who was on my TEXAS RANGERS team (1:04). Cringing at people who say "College is a SCAM" (5:42). I love anti-CAPITALISTS (9:57). this NBA-Covid era feels like what the Non-MJ 90s seasons felt like (11:30). KD having to carry the Brooklyn Nets since Kyrie/Harden HURT (13:52). Is Giannis winning back to back MVP going to be a stain on the NBA?; what Giannis needs to win a title (17:10). Suns on FIRE; CP3 is only missing a title on his resume (22:45). Philadelphia 76ers playoff situation; Trae Young's fun (26:10). SONG OF THE WEEK & SHOUTOUTS (28:47). SONGS OF THE WEEK: Shi-Fi: Migos - Having Our Way (feat. Drake) ||| (this podcast on YouTube): https://youtu.be/KLvw5Pu8Rkw

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