96 | CP3...TOP 5 PG Ever?; KD's BEST PLAYOFF GAME EVER?; Rick Ross MOWS Grass?


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It's EPISODE 96! I discuss CP3, KD, Luka, and....Rick Ross. Kevin Durant's MOST ICONIC PLAYOFF GAME; Game 5: 50 points (0:25). Giannis continues to struggle without a play-making guard; same ole same ole; he need to be more Shaq than a LeBron (3:05). Chris Paul having a COVID violation; out indefinitely??; does CP3 have COVID?? (9:18). Is Chris Paul a top 5 PG of all-time??; CP3's legacy dramatically changing if he wins title (11:00). Is LUKA Doncic too good?; Trae Young and Devin Booker were able to be not too good to get lottery picks the next years with the team (17:05). The whole "Luka to the Lakers" rumors are so stupid (21:08). Sad that KAWHI is going to be out of the playoffs because I thought we were on the verge of another great playoff run like 2019 (23:48). Rick Ross mows his own grass and flies Delta; would I spend the same if I was a millionaire? (26:10). SONG OF THE WEEK (30:10). Larry June is a rapper that is like a mix of Jay-Z and an audio book (30:30). SHOUTOUT to DBU BASEBALL; so close to the main college world series (32:03). SONGS OF THE WEEK: Shi-Fi: Larry June - Still Cookin ||| (this podcast on YouTube): https://youtu.be/3LQImqb2Tg4

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