98 | TOP 5 Tyler, The Creator ALBUMS, Moment OF TRUTH = MOST MESSY SHOW EVER


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It's EPISODE 98! I discuss Tyler, The Creator, a messy game show, coaching/GM changes in the NBA. Tyler, The Creator's NEW ALBUM "CALL ME IF GET LOST" coming out this Friday; predictions (0:20). TOP 5 Tyler, The Creator ALBUMS (3:10). Moment OF TRUTH = MOST UNCOMFORTABLE SHOW EVER; Cody Ko's videos (10:55). IME UDOKA = new Boston Celtics head coach (16:25). Suns going to beat the Clippers and be in the NBA FINALS (20:30). Excited for this new generation of NBA basketball (22:05). Michael Finley = new MAVS GM possibly? (24:55). Intriguing to see if Becky Hammon becomes the first NBA woman head coach very soon (25:42). ESPN being criticized for hating on Phoenix and Milwaukee (27:05). SONG OF THE WEEK (29:23). SHOUTOUTS (30:30). SONGS OF THE WEEK: Shi-Fi: Doja Cat - Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) ||| (this podcast on YouTube): https://youtu.be/GJLd1T6WsqU

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