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An ICON isn’t defined just by fame or financial impact. Many of the wealthiest people to ever live have died and just as easily become forgotten. An ICON is defined by purpose, impact, achievement and contribution to society. A SHINING ICON recognizes that their IDENTITY is based on their impact on the world and how they will be remembered forever. The SHINING ICON podcast aims to dig deep into the past, current and future ICONS of the world, while discovering what drives someone to fulfill a purpose bigger than their own. In each episode, host Carson Jones dives into what makes someone iconic, far beyond the financial achievements and accolades that most desire. We discover what drives their purpose? What legacy they want to leave behind, how they turned their pain into power, and lessons they share with those aspiring to create their own ICONIC legacy. ICONS are not born ICONS. They become them via a calling, a purpose or a necessity to change lives and impact the world. These are their stories…

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