$5.3 Billion Acquisitions, 24 Ultra Marathons, Scaling Inside & Out | Nick Bradley


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Nick Bradley is the world-renowned business growth and scale-up expert who has completed over 22 business acquisitions and over $5.3 Billion in deals. He's also the host of the Scale Up Your Business Podcast. Nick has run 67 marathons and 24 ultramarathons.

In this episode, we talk about SHOWING UP in all areas of your life and business. He shares why the key to your outward success all begins with the inner work of your life. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Nick Also shares his pillars of success in a start-up, the questions you should be asking, when to pivot, and when you know you have a winning idea.

At the end, you won't want to miss Nick's true purpose on this earth. His perspective might save you from a lifetime of pain, while aligning you with your true purpose.

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