Sam Bakhtiar | From Refugee To Millions & Impacting The Fitness World By Never Quitting


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Sam Bakhtiar is a doctor, CEO, World-class bodybuilder, and millionaire visionary entrepreneur of the camp transformation center, which has over 110 locations. Sam is also the founder of the 1% Movement, along with many other successful brands in the fitness space.

On this episode, we talk about Sams life. Sam went from refugee to growing up in America not being able to speak English. That is what initially led Sam to discover sports and bodybuilding.

Sam says those were the days he developed grit and work ethic that would serve him forever. In this episode, we share his story, Sam's keys to success, how he structures every minute of his day, starting a new business from nothing, and the importance of building relationship equity with the people in your life.

Here is Sams story…

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