How to Build 605,000 Instagram Followers Organically - Dr Jacob Harden of Prehab 101


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How to grow your Instagram followers fast! This episode of The Shoney Show with me (Neil Shoney Maclean) speaks to Dr Jacob Harden of Prehab 101 who has not only built his Instagram followers to 605,000 at time of recording... but they're also an engaged Instagram following in which he only needs his organic Instagram audience to run two very successful businesses, one of which is a Worldwide coaching business.

Dr Jacob Harden is a chiropractor who has grown his Instagram following across six years with seven specific Instagram Growth Strategies.

If you want more followers on Instagram and actually want more engaged Instagram followers so you can use Instagram for business... this episode of Dr Jacob Harden of Prehab 101 is for you. For more from me and links to all my programmes and mentorships, head to Instagram now and find me at @neilshoneymac Remember to tag me in your post when you're listening too!

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