Three Social Proof Hacks to Increase Sales


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No matter how great the technical side of your digital marketing, it's social proof that will turn attention in to sales. I've generated $millions for SMB's in paid advertising, social media and email marketing and what do I always lead with... social proof.

But social proof goes further than just testimonials. There's a whole bunch of social proof hacks you can adopt to instantly switch up your digital marketing and it's ability to generate sales.

This episode of The Shoney Show by Neil 'Shoney' Maclean is all about the tried and tested social proof strategies used to generate leads and sales with digital marketing. If you're a business owner or digital marketer who wants to skip ALL the info and only listen to extensively tried and tested digital marketing strategies, this episode is for you. For daily tried and tested tips and strategies, here's some great ways to get the info FAST...

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