#174 : Hydration Secrets, Drink Water to Lose FAT


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If you have been watching Euro 2021, you must have seen the clip where Cristiano Ronaldo moved the Coca-Cola bottles away from him. That resulted in wiping off 45 billion in share value of the company. In today’s episode, Charlie talks about all things hydration, from the importance of getting hydrated, how much you should be drinking to the effects of drinking water. Plus, by the end of the episode, Charlie gives away the best tactics on how to make sure you are hydrated. Hydration is a low-hanging fruit that you can utilize to optimize building muscle and shredding body fat.

“The older you are, the more liquid you should be drinking. Avoid things that are sugary.”

- Charlie Johnson

In this episode:

  • Understanding chronic dehydration
  • How much water do you actually need?
  • Thirst mechanics for people who train regularly
  • How much water should you drink to lose weight?


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