#175 : Are You Stressed & Out of Shape?


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The reality is, 99% of the population are currently working stressed out and feeling anxious, which affects their fitness and health. Join Charlie as he addresses the two major problems on why people are stressed and out of shape. On top of that, he gives out guidelines and ideas so you can do better with your sleep, nutrition, and fitness. Charlie also imparts the four important things you need to keep in mind about fitness. If you want to become the healthiest, fittest, and strongest version of yourself, drop Charlie a DM with the word CHANGE or book in your FREE six-pack strategy call by clicking on the link below.

“You have to be selfish to be selfless. You have to look after yourself first, to look after everyone else.”

- Charlie Johnson

In this episode:

  • Your life is busier than ever and will continue to get so
  • The benefit of embracing exercise minimalism
  • The effects of not being consistent
  • Why you should make yourself accountable


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