The Shyest In The Room l Honest Career Advice for Introverts


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This podcast is build on honest career advice and career growth tools, made for those of us who are shy, socially anxious or introverted. It will help you to develop the leadership skills required to take your career to the next level without having to change who you truly are. Whether you are fresh out of college, or already busy building your career, if you aspire to be a leader in your field, this career advice is for you.I created the shyest in the room, to share insights and learnings with you, that I gained on my journey to the top of my career. Not knowing my way around an extrovert dominated business environment, and literally being the shyest in the room, I had to take more than a few extra steps along the way to get to where I am today. And meeting increasingly more extroverts the higher I climbed up the career ladder, I wondered who else might be feeling overwhelmed on their road to career growth. So if my experience speaks to you, I invite you to listen in on what I wish I had known when I started out. Whether it is job interviews, business meetings, networking, getting promoted, growth hacks, speaking up, salary negotiations, office politics or motivating employees, this podcast covers it all and much more. Do not worry, you are not alone. I got your back.

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