406: $4000 a Month in Flipping Profits


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Want to scale back on your day job?

Want to travel more, and spend more time with your family?

That’s exactly what Stacy Gallego has been able to do thanks to her part-time flipping business.

What’s cool is that this income stream was actually inspired by a former side hustle show guest, Rob “the flea market flipper” Stephenson, who we last heard from in episode 298.

Stacy is one of Rob’s star students, and I’ve loved watching her share some of her sales results for quite a while.

In just two years, Stacy has gone from flipping her first item to hitting $10,000 in sales in a month.

The ability to find profit in your hometown is one I think is really valuable in recession-proofing your own income. If that appeals to you, I encourage to you check out Rob and his wife Melissa’s free training to learn more.

Tune in to hear:

  • how Stacy sources profitable inventory
  • how she deals with the logistics of shipping huge items
  • which items/categories are selling best
  • her advice for new flippers to start making money

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