473: 9 Quick Ways to Optimize Your Sleep and Feel Super Human


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Struggling to perform at your best from the moment you wake till you go to sleep at night?

In today’s episode, we’re talking about a key component of your physical and mental foundation to be a high-performing human, and one that we probably don’t give a lot of thought to.

Still, it’s something you spend roughly a third of your life doing, so it’s a huge lever to pull in terms of optimizing your energy and your output in the world.

Yes, we’re talking about sleep.

I promise this episode won’t put you to sleep as we explore 9 quick ways to optimize your horizontal hours to wake up feeling superhuman.

To help walk me through these is Riley Jarvis from TheSleepConsultant.com and SleepForSideHustlers.com.

Riley started through his own health journey many years ago and discovered that sleep was the missing link that brought everything together.

After some biohacking and learning from top doctors in the field, he now helps others get the root of their sleep issues rather than masking the symptoms — all about building that foundation so you can feel amazing and be the best version of you.

Tune in to The Side Hustle Show interview to hear 9 of Riley’s top tips for getting a better night’s sleep.

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