288. Brian K. Vaughan on comics, writing and life


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I’m trying very hard to contain my excitement in this episode. Brian K. Vaughan is one of my favorite comic writers and I was thrilled he agreed to come on the show. He was so gracious to spend over an hour talking comics, writing, and collaboration.

I am so grateful to share these thoughtful conversations with humans that I admire so greatly. Brian was kind enough to entertain all of my questions about his childhood, the inspiration behind his stories, and his favorite books and shows.

For those that don’t already know: Brian K. Vaughan is an award-winning writer and co-creator of acclaimed comic-book series including SAGA, PAPER GIRLS, Y THE LAST MAN, RUNAWAYS, and THE PRIVATE EYE. He sometimes writes for film and television in Los Angeles, where he lives with his family and their dogs Hamburger and Milkshake.

Spoiler alert for those that have not read issues 1-54 of SAGA or Y the Last Man.

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Discussed in this Episode:

SPECTATORS on Exploding Giraffe

Panel Syndicate: The Private Eye

Preacher, Garth Ennis

Optic Nerve

Cliff Chiang

Fiona Staples

Steve Skroce

Pia Guerra

Tony Harris

Y the Last Man

Paper Girls

Pride of Baghdad


Eisner Awards

Stephen King

Friday, Ed Brubaker

Greg Rucka


Wonder Woman Historia

Sex Criminals

Strange Death of Alex Raymond

Terry and the Pirates

The Clitoris by Rikke Villadsen

Truly Tyler Comic

Dog Man Comic

Smile Comic

Barry, HBO

Atlanta (tv series)

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