Are the Taliban different this time?


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The Taliban is settling back into power in Afghanistan, a month after their victory. Since then, the militant group has named an interim cabinet and ministry that's entirely male and mostly Pashtun, and in the latest gruesome display of their approach to justice, they hung a dead body from a crane at a busy roundabout in the city of Herat over the weekend. But despite the brutality and the lack of female representation, talk that the Taliban is different from the 90s persists. So what is the evidence for that so far? Today on The Signal we speak with the Chief of the Associated Press bureau in Afghanistan, Kathy Gannon. We ask her what daily life has been like under the Taliban already, 20 years after they last ruled one of the world's poorest countries, and what may lie ahead. Featured: Kathy Gannon, Afghanistan and Pakistan Bureau Chief, Associated Press, Kabul

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