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Paul Kallmes is an independent technology professional with a focus on foreign start-ups coming to the US, with a specialty in the strategic management of intellectual property. His nearly 20 years of IP and technology licensing and management have given him a broad base in the nuance and complexities of developing and deploying intangible assets to the benefit of IP owners and users alike. He has extensive experience in various industries in IP management and manufacturing. He has extensive international experience working with companies in the US, Europe and Asia on patent portfolio development, market entry strategies, product development and roll-out, and early-stage fund-raising activities. Intangible assets and intellectual property are becoming ever more important in today's economy, and every company in a technology space needs to take their IP issues seriously or risk being left behind by their competitors. His current focus on assisting start-ups from various European and Asian countries allows him to see a wide range of opportunities that will make positive contributions to various markets in the US and around the world.

We Talk About

How should an outsider go about building a network in Africa?

What have been some of the pit falls of Western money entering the African ecosystem?

Accelerators and Incubators in Africa, how do they compare with those in Silicon Valley?

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