071 How does the Mind create Billion Dollar Ideas with Axel Schultze


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Axel Schultze started and successfully exited 4 companies, the biggest reaching $5 Billion in revenue, the second close to $1 Billion. Axel is a published author, patent holder, 2015 listed in the global 100 most influential startup accelerators, 2008 won the SF Entrepreneur Award, 2006 chaired the SaaS Channel Committee at the SIIA, 2003 early adviser of LinkedIn. 2001 Founder & CEO of Silicon Valley based BlueRoads a partner management software. Initially funded by The Angels Forum, then venture funded by Eldorado Ventures, Cardinal Ventures and Arrow Path. Named most successful channel management company in 2006. Exit in 2007. 1997 Pioneered equity based crowdfunding - Sold it in 2001. 1996 Founder & CEO Infinigate, Leading European IT security provider. Funded through private placement on Webstock. Today over $600 Million in revenue. 1983 Founder & CEO Computer 2000 a $5 Billion high tech distributor. With a highly disruptive business model bypassed 8,000 tech distributors and became the third largest in the world. VC Funded by Deutsche Bank WFG. IPO in 1996. merged with Tech Data at $5 Billion in revenue in 1998.

We Talk About

What questions should one ask themselves or brainstorming should be done before starting a company?

What is the best advice for someone is plans on starting and growing a billion-dollar company with their significant other?

Why does brainstorming to create a billion-dollar idea seem to fail when it is done in a corporate setting, but succeed when it is done by a startup?

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