14- WTF is BitClout with Guest @ConnorMitchell


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@ConnorMitchell aka The Ass Tattoo Man is the host of the first-ever daily BitClout podcast also on Spotify & Apple, @TheBitCult Late Night Show, and BitClout influencer. I invite him on the show today to explain what BitClout is & why we need to pay attention to this first-ever decentralized social media. We get into the scams to watch out for to how it can change the game for creators, inventors, musicians.... well everyone.
We end the show with the exciting news of the very first BitClout convention in Miami/Wynwood & how we will both be there.
If you are in the Miami area on June 3rd be sure to RSVP for the Clout & Cocktails Bitcoin Pre-Party hosted by @CloutCon.
The free event link is below
If you are on BitClout you can find:
@connormitchell here: bitclout.com/u/connormitchell
@TheBitCult here: bitclout.com/u/thebitcult
@TheSimpLifeTv here: bitclout.com/u/thesimplifetv
@AylaCroft aka Me here: bitclout.com/u/aylacroft
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