The Sins of the Fathers


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This is a story about life. This is a story about light. This is a story of how some men are the product of their lives, and some are the prisoners of the choices they have made. This is a story about sin. Joseph Leighton is on the cusp of adulthood, his university days stretching before him with the luxury of rose-tinted foresight. David Leighton is Joseph's father, a grumpy, vicious sour man. Or is he a snake-hipped guitar god, with a shot at the big time? John Leighton is Joseph's grandfather, a wise and genial old gent. Or is he David's father, trying so hard, and failing to understand his son? Or is he his own man, who made his own choices long ago? The Sins of the Fathers spans different lives, all woven from the same threads, but every life is different, every pattern has been made its own. The Sins of the Fathers are those things you wish you had never known.

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