Police and Protesters Clash After Ruling in Breonna Taylor Case


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The U.S. surpasses 201,000 Coronavirus deaths; nears 7 million cases. Protests after no officers directly charged in Breonna Taylor’s death. CDC Chief warns 90% of U.S. population still susceptible to virus; Kentucky Attorney General states that 2 officers were justified in Breonna Taylor shooting because they were returning fire from Taylor’s boyfriend. No officers charged directly with Breonna Taylor’s death. No one indicted on 3 counts of first-degree wanton endangerment. Kentucky's Attorney General also stated that a nearby witness said officers did knock and announce their presence at Breonna Taylor’s home. One on one with attorney for Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend. Kentucky Governor calls on his Attorney General to release info on his office’s probe of Breonna Taylor’s death. CDC director: removed document about how Covid-19 spreads was “Not technically reviewed”. FDA Chief: Won’t approve vaccine we wouldn’t give to our families. Middle America at risk as new cases rise in 22 states. CDC Chief deflects questions about Trump’s pushback over his testimony on the importance of masks. Fourth Phase 3 Coronavirus vaccine trial launches in the U.S.. CDC Chief “Disappointed” by “offensive” attack by Trump ally claiming a “Deep State” in his agency. Fauci rejects Sen. Rand Paul’s herd immunity claim in fiery exchange. Sources: Dr. Birx “distressed” by diminished role on White House task force, describes U.S. virus response as nightmarish. Poll: Trump gaining on Biden in Arizona, possibly ahead in Florida. Trump says he thinks election results could wind up in front of Supreme Court. 9pm curfew issued in Louisville following protests over grand jury decision in Breonna Taylor case. Israel sets daily record of nearly 6,900 new cases. Israel to tighten restrictions on top of new lockdown. Restrictions return as cases surge in Britain. Highest daily increase in cases since May in Britain. British Prime Minister rejects calls to extend economic relief program. Fauci warns “we are entering into a risk period” amid concern of a second wave this Winter.

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