Barriers to Entry w/ Vince Alvarado (@airvince1)


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Show Stringout:
  • We have a tiktok where you can learn stuff @shishkinproductions
  • Chris has been manning the edits, and alexei has been making tiktoks
  • When chris gets ahead on an edit, he stops working
  • What to do if clients take too long to give feedback
  • Chris is **OFFICIALLY** a sneakerhead
  • Our guest today is a sneakerhead as well
  • It is VINCE ALVARADO, @airvince1, @trainofthoughtnyc
  • Vince opened up a fake bar in his New York apartment living room
  • Getting gigs via word of mouth vs. getting them on IG or something like that
  • How to expand your network
  • How far do you push your moral/ethical boundaries to get a gig?
  • Barriers to entry and how to get into the ad agency world out of college
  • Vince was surrounded by Karens growing up
  • Coming from a family with no connects makes it a little harder
  • Immigrant parents dont understand “freelancing”
  • You ever seen Ice Age?
  • Being the only POC on the elevator in the building
  • Homogenous thinking ruining content
  • Economic barriers
  • “If you give them the right opportunity, that’s how people grow” - VA
  • Social media: the ups & downs
  • Chris loves seeing his work on IG? Wow. #egogang
  • Alexei only wants to see his work on a gigantic screen #egogang
  • Comments sections
  • Conspiracy corner: why are schools feeding children crazy food?
  • Vince used to be Charlie The Tuna on twitter
  • He b e c a m e the Starkist brand, ladies & gentlemen
  • Wake up: tuna, go to bed: tuna, stacks of tuna all over the apartment
  • Soft skills vs hard skills
  • Alexei is a “buckin bronco”
  • Speaking about creative concepts, hard to put stuff into words
  • Having the opportunity to write something original, creative freedom
  • creative/industry relationships
  • Call for interns, shishkin productions does paid internships ->
  • GUEST NOTES segment

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