Breaking and Entering (the industry)


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Show Stringout:
  • Breaking into the industry
  • Working on a student film in Costa Rica
  • the editor who learned how to edit on the fly in costa rica
  • Distance learning creative shit is impossible!
  • Unpaid internships are trash
  • Do yr craft, or perish
  • Transitioning from writing into post-production
  • wanting to do radio, but ending up in video
  • having no real vision, and drifting into post-prod
  • Editing is way more comfortable than shooting
  • The **worst, worst** thing about being on set
  • Take breaks when you’re editing
  • Ad agency work in jax florida
  • Video intern running vid dept
  • Chris made 8mm porn
  • Headbands aren’t facemasks, everyone
  • How important are titles? And what do they mean?
  • Oh im a a senior? thats cool
  • sometimes u gotta make yr title up
  • Business is cutthroat
  • Dont put that yr a cinematographer/editor/director/graphics artist/etc/etc/etc
  • Music has zero value, and video’s headed there

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