Eating Eagles for Thanksgiving


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Show Stringout:
  • Choppin it up like some mensches (alexei is 7% jewish, source: 23&me)
  • Lazer is the best landlord, he drinks Kosher seltzer
  • Chris is more of an After Effects guy now
  • After Effects is really for the real video heads
  • “Shut Up and Focus”
  • After Effects is a totally blank canvas with endless possibilities
  • Can someone do a Rubix cube with their feet?
  • How important is it to really know After Effects?
  • People are expected to know how to navigate the whole Adobe Suite
  • Efficiency is key + specializing
  • New york office space vs texas office space
  • Why is america’s bird the bald eagle?
  • Should be the turkey
  • Bald Eagles aren’t endangered, Alaska became a state in 1959, everything we learned was a lie
  • The story of how A GOOSE made Chris late for class in college
  • Game Recommendation: Untitled Goose Game
  • The MIMALs are NIMBYs
  • Being in a place with no noise is spooky
  • How much do views/ratings/metrics really matter??
  • NBA ratings were “down” but who gives af really?
  • How much of metrics are made up and inflated?
  • We’re gonna find a bot farm to pump the numbers behind the podcast
  • What “sweeps” are in news and how they relate to the content that’s produced
  • It’s actually PODCAST SWEEPS MONTH this month!
  • Our target audience is bots ages 0-1

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