Editing w/o Arms


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Show Stringout:
  • Should you be cooking at work?
  • How do you stay fit if you have a sedentary job?
  • DPs think they’re so cool, but are they really?
  • Transition plug-ins can actually be pretty clutch
  • Does exercise control your mind juices as well?
  • The incredible “EDIT BICYCLE”
  • Why don’t people edit with foot pedals?
  • Can people without arms edit?
  • Navigating NY in a wheelchair
  • Should we blackmail the landlord?
  • Chris got this new mouse AND IT HAS LIKE 20 BUTTONS
    • (And at what point does that make it a keyboard?)
  • This fancy ~ m o u s e ~ can transfer 500gb files in 1 second
  • how come adobe and apple are always not working?
  • Chris’s big idea: a computer that edits for you
  • People’s physical habits/crutches on camera (i.e. slow blinking etc)
  • When interviews get so conversational that the edit is janky as hell
  • Trusting the process is what allows you to get really comfortable on camera
  • Racks as a host, pretty fun and genuine, says “my honest opinion” a lot
  • Is “Look” the new “listen”?!?
  • Alexei is a real seltzer head

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