Editor Archetypes & the Ten Edit Commandments


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Show Stringout:
  • Chris spent the month editing Zoom videos
  • When yr working w shitty footage, it’s gonna look shitty
  • Identity in the edit suite
  • Here’s the link to that: https://medium.com/@damiandayton/the-four-types-of-video-editors-you-will-meet-fc407fda4373
  • Alexei: i’m “the musician” archetype
  • Chris: “technician” -- “musician” is my weakest spot
  • When producers cant talk about music, that makes things tough
  • Chris refuses to use audio in his edits
  • They’re all black and white, charlie chaplin-esque
  • “Storyteller” is such a hokey term
  • We’re all storytellers, that’s the dang job
  • How much do these roles really mean?
  • Seems like everyone has a little of each of these
  • “The Painter”’s role
  • The differences between screens and how they affect color correction
  • Coloring is boring af
  • Working on shorter projs vs longer projs
  • Missing things when you QC
  • Working alongside a producer vs working remote
  • Sometimes your brain fills in the gaps
  • How it feels to get notes back on music
  • The ten commandments of editing
  • Not going to write them down, but here’s a link: https://blog.frame.io/2018/10/29/editors-10-commandments/
  • Chris dropped all his knowledge

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