051: Ely Tsern, CEO of Bryte: Aims to be the Tesla of High-Tech Beds & Is Even Slept On By Matthew Walker!


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🛏️ How Ely became focused on sleep optimization

🛏️ What led him to create Bryte beds

🛏️ The purpose and benefits of Bryte beds

🛏️ Ely’s own struggles with sleep

🛏️ What makes Bryte beds more comprehensive than other sleep technology

🛏️ How Bryte technology works to personalize the user’s sleep

🛏️ How Bryte beds can regulate body temperature in menstruating or pregnant women

🛏️ Ely’s nightly sleep routine

🛏️ Price and availability of Bryte beds

🛏️ Incredible results achieved by Bryte users, even Matthew Walker!

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