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Sometimes requesting for a refund can get you a lot of money. This is one of the things Scott has learned as he has been an Amazon seller. Amazonlit made their first million in 2015, which was all retail arbitrage. Trademark infringement has become a bigger issue over time. Now they pay more attention to this problem and they have drastically reduced those claims. 9 times out of 10, people you talk to over the phone will not be a jerk. If a certain brand complains, you can get them on the phone and sell the products back to them or work out a deal. Having a little bit of personality doesn’t hurt when trying to sell. Never take a no as a hard no. Brands can turn into your suppliers years down the road after having said no to you. Their sales have gone up as their inventory has increased. As companies have been growing online, they need more sellers, so keeping a positive communication with them has caused them to reach out down the line. Erik and Sebastian have created a mastermind group for Amazon sellers to provide the knowledge they need to become successful. Amazon is large enough that everyone can get a piece of the pie. Their mastermind group covers everything an Amazon seller will need to make their business as efficient and lucrative as possible.
Their first million 2:53
Pivoting - the word of 2020 16:44
Sharing secrets doesn’t negatively impact your business 20:56
“We use keepa and we look at that third chart, the offer listings. And when we see that there’s a dramatic decrease that happens and the sales rank hasn’t decreased as well at the same time… if the sales ranks stays the same, or goes up and the offers slide down drastically, then that tells us an IP was filed at that time.
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