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BBQ Spit Rotisseries is a success story in the world of BBQ businesses, and co-founder Rhiannon Peterson is a driving force behind it. Rhiannon is a highly motivated, hard working entrepreneur and foodie who, starting with just a rotisserie, an idea and a never give up mindset, has built the country’s largest independent BBQ store with shops in Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney, New South Wales. Not only do they have their own brand of BBQ smoker and spit rotisserie, Flaming Coals, they also import some of the best grills from the United States by way of SnS Grills and a veritable truck load of the best BBQ rubs and sauces available. And they also work with some of the best competition BBQ teams Australia has to offer.

In this full episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast, Rhiannon and I get into:• Why a rare steak is her favourite (3:59)

  • Why people are moving from pellet grills to offset smokers (14:42)
  • How BSR came to be (20:52)
  • When the worst possibility occured (23:28)
  • BSR’s brand new BBQ studio kitchen (33:45)
  • Rhiannon’s best tips for cooking a Greek gyro on a spit rotisserie (41:26)

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