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Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. I first heard these words when I spoke with Paul Lange for the first time at Smokin’ on the Water in Perth, Western Australia when I spoke with him about Smokey Q - his barbeque rub and bbq sauce business. I was really impressed with his attitude to planning and execution. Not just hard work, but smart hard work. So it was a great pleasure to catch up with him two years later. Not only had he done all the things he told me he was going to do, he’s exceeded them and is really blazing the path for successful BBQ businesses in Australia. In short, he’s building a BBQ rub empire. And these successes haven’t gone unnoticed with Paul having secured a spot in the second season of Dipper’s Backyard BBQ Wars on TV’s 7Mate - if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to get onto it quicksmart!

In this Episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast, Paul and I get into:

  • His fascination with the Weber Kettle (6:02)
  • His secret way of importing BBQ rarities into Australia (7:12)
  • Life on Dipper’s Backyard BBQ Wars (14:40)
  • A deep dive into Smokey Q and how he’s grown the business so successfully (24:28)
  • Tips and advice to help you successfully write your own business plan (45:41)

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