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If you had a catastrophic, life-changing accident involving a BBQ, I'd wager that you'd never want to go near a barbecue ever again. But not Cam.

Cam House, from Cam's Q suffered a huge accident in 2019 when a fully loaded Weber Kettle grill fell on him, resulting in 3rd degree burns to his arm and hand. The resulting surgeries, skin grafts and complications have taken their toll on his and his partner's lives and finances, but Cam is not to be deterred.

His love of low and slow BBQ food, smoked brisket, pulled pork, BBQ chicken and BBQ ribs as well as all things wood and charcoal just couldn't be denied. Despite his horrific burns, he's now rebuilding himself a brand new BBQ life, centred around barbeque and is forging a new path, creating an industry for himself that didn't exist before.

In this Episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast, we get into:

  • Live on a cattle station outside of Townsville, QLD (6:07)
  • His past life as a chef (10:27)
  • The Accident (12:50)
  • His new business 'Cams Q' (28:33)
  • What is a freelance BBQ sales rep? (32:22)
  • Becoming a BBQ TV star (39:57)
  • How to properly represent yourself and your brand on social media (43:58)

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