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Brendan Reisima from The Smoking Meathouse is the current #1 BBQ Pitmaster in New Zealand, having won Team of the Year in the NZ Barbecue Alliance. In quite a short amount of time he has gone from just starting out in competition BBQ to becoming one of the best BBQ Pitmasters in the country, having represented NZ in Texas and Australia.

Whereas many pitmasters are all about low'n'slow BBQ, Brendan prefers Hot'n'Fast Smoking, and well, the results speak for themselves. In fact, his hot and fast brisket, (a wagyu brisket), is one of the best received BBQ competition hand-ins in the country.

In this Episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast, we get into:

  • What's the deal with smash burgers? (5:23)
  • Working with the new MultiQ from Octopit (10:26)
  • His journey to the top of competition BBQ scene in New Zealand (22:25)
  • How he keeps his team organised at competitions (32:06)
  • Tips and Tricks for Hot'n'Fast Smoking (39:37)
  • LIVE Viewer Q&A (47:31)

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