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This is the second part of our two episode special from the incredible Meat in the Dilly BBQ Festival. In our previous BBQ Podcast episode we brought you our fantastic 'After Dark Special'. Here, we take you through the Festival, minute by minute over both days, so you can experience the festival as if you were there. We've got a tonne of great information here for you from competitors, promoters and more.

Grabbing my video camera and microphone, I headed around the Festival, striking up conversations with some of the most interesting people on the competition BBQ circuit. With a keen eye for new and interesting conversations, I chatted with many of the best and brightest. Guests on this week's episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast include:

  • Robert Cosgrove - LSH BBQ Smokehouse & Event Promoter
  • Steven West - Moist BBQ & Slowburner BBQ
  • Shane Harris - Rollin' Shane
  • Matt Staunton - Kids Que Nation Australia
  • Tony Gimellaro - The Beard & The BBQ
  • Shawn Apsey - Q Fit for Valhalla
  • Jye Healey - Smokeface Grillahs
  • Anthony Moran - Doctor Cue
  • Cameron Davidson - BBQ Spit Rotisseries
  • William Plotz - Team B&B Charcoal
  • Adam Roberts - Piggy & The ABA

Barbe Con is coming soon - stay tuned for the confirmation of the date in July.

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