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James Grubbs, known simply by surname as ‘Grubbs’ is known around the world as the ‘Backwoods Grill Billy’ (his words!). You know him as one of the pitmaster contestants on Netflix’s ‘The American Barbecue Showdown’. While he didn’t win, he was definitely one of the most interesting people to watch, and one of my personal favourites. His work on the BBQ was inspiring, fun, and looked delicious! This was easily the best Netflix show I've seen this year, and would have to get my vote for best Netflix Series 2020.

Given that Thanksgiving is just around the corner in the US, we spend a lot of time talking turkey, turkey brine, and we even get into hunting and processing deer and bear. Yes, bear!

In this episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast, James and I get into:

  • Grubbs' background in BBQ - 2: 55
  • Georgian style BBQ - 7:10
  • Game meats including bear - 16:25
  • His experience on Netflix - 23:59
  • Lesson on brining poultry - 50:58

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