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Brett Connell, Bretto to his mates, is captain of one of Australia's oldest competition barbecue teams, Flamin' Mongrels BBQ. They've competed as far south as Melbourne and north as Rockhampton and have amassed a wide range of trophies for smoked brisket, beef ribs, bbq chicken, and even Brahman Hump!

But that's not all - they also have a reputation for being the most friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming guys on the circuit. Oh, and throwing some of the wildest and best parties on the circuit!

An entrepreneur through and through, Bretto has long been a friend of the show, and is one of these people that seems to pop up with sage words of wisdom whenever we've been needing some direction. They've recently changed direction themselves too, with COVID-19 forcing Bretto to make the move into BBQ catering to help him take care of his family. His love to Texas Barbecue shines through everything he does, and his catering ventures have been very successful.

This is Bretto's second appearance on the show. You can get Bretto's BBQ back story all the way back in Episode 10. In this episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast, we get into:

  1. Grilling Seafood and why salmon on the BBQ is king - 5:45
  2. The best party he's ever been too at a barbeque competition - 7:50
  3. Making to move into catering - 17:55
  4. Moving from a traditional offset smoker to Gateway Drum Smoker - 29:48
  5. Possible new business directions for Flamin' Mongrels BBQ - 37:07
  6. Tips and Tricks for starting a BBQ catering business - 44:17

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