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The Steak Cookoff Association is taking the world by storm, and right at the storm front are Shane & Chloe from Forrest Lump BBQ. They have absolutely dominated the steak category, winning a Golden Ticket to compete at the SCA World Championships in Fort Worth, Texas. However, their true talent clearly shows in the ancillary categories. In fact, they won the points chase for Australia for 2020 in the Ancillary category.

The Steak Cookoff Association competition is made up of two parts - the steak category, and then the ancillary categories. The ancillary categories are at the discretion of the event promoter and range from mild to wild. Such as? Well, it could be everything from Hotdogs and Bloody Mary's, or chicken wings to deep fried desserts. It's this no-holds barred barbecue arena in which Forrest Lump BBQ truly shines. I've spent a lot of time photographing SCA judge's tents, and the hand-ins from Forrest Lump BBQ are no doubt the most creative, inventive and artistic Steak Cookoff Association hand-ins I've ever seen.

In this Episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast, we get into:

  • How Forrest Lump BBQ came to be
  • Their experiences in Low'n'Slow BBQ competitions such as KCBS and ABA
  • How they like to do their Golden Ticket winning reverse seared steaks
  • The work that goes into their incredible SCA Ancillary hand-ins
  • Tips and Tricks for Steak Cookoff Association beginners

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