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Time, Temp & Feel are the three tenets of real low'n'slow barbecue. If you can master these three things, there's no stopping you. Booma, from Booma's BBQ has mastered these three things and his results speak for themselves. Booma has been team captain of the hugely successful Full Metal Kettle competition BBQ team. He's created a few hybrid teams for special events which have also been successful. He's created a wildly popular video series with famous BBQ filmmaker Jay Beaumont of Meatstock fame. And now he's working on a digital magazine in a partnership with Heat Beads.

With all this experience, as you'd expect, there's nothing he can't cook. Burgers are a favourite at the moment, with beef, cheese and bacon jam. Smoked brisket is a breeze for him, as well as pork collar butts for pulled pork, pork ribs, and he also loves to do some barbeque lamb too. His videos of steaks are amazing and he's had great success in Steak Cookoff Association Competitions, cooking the perfect steak - his tomahawk steaks are just incredible.

In this episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast, we get into:

  • Bacon Jam Smoked Cheeseburgers (4:09)
  • How his mother influenced his BBQ journey (06:36)
  • The Full Metal Mettle competition BBQ team story (9:40)
  • How to build the ultimate burger for Instagram (20:41)
  • Making videos with Jay Beaumont from Meatstock (26:03)
  • His digital magazine 'Fire It Up' with Heat Beads® (32:12)
  • A run through of how he does his competition BBQ chicken thighs (36:21
  • Tips & Techniques for mastering Time, Temp & Feel (38:42)

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