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It’s a Motor Trend party! We have Jonny Lieberman and Tony Angelo in the house and what a show it was. Tony is a host on Hot Rod Garage, where they build, well, crazy shit. He talks about his interest in EV swaps, that incredible new 1000HP Chevy crate engine, explains how fast his twin-engine Impala is, and more.

Jonny tells us about his Rivian drag race, a controversial tree, and driving aLamborghini LM002 on tires as cracked as dry lake bed. It's 2 hours so grab a beer or a coffee, or both, and enjoy.

Tony Angelo is the host of Hot Rod Garage. You can check it out on the Motor Trend app, and check out his YouTube channel, Stay Tuned.

Jonny is the Senior Features Editor at Motor Trend and a host on Spike’s Car Radio.

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