Pikes Peak 2022: Jonny Lieberman, Jeff Zwart, David Donahue & Robb Holland


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Pikes Peak 2022 Pt.1: First, we stand at Glen Cove and talk about the cars we've seen, weather, altitude, and what the hill climb means to us. Then we go to Devil's Playground to speak to 3 pro drivers -and Motor Trend figurehead Jonny Lieberman- where we cover topics like:

How does one learn this crazy mountain road? How is it different from the Nurburgring?

What do you mean there's a car?

How is Robb's first experience racing a 2022 Porsche GT4 RS on the mountain?

When is sun bad?

What's Jonny trying to improve on?

How is David Donahue's 2021 Porsche GT2 RS ClubSport handling the altitude?

How does this compare to road racing?

How do you measure power at bottom vs the top?

How do gears get longer over time? All that a whole lot more!

Recorded June 23, 2022 from (nearly) the top of Pikes Peak.

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